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You Choose:

How?     Video, email, phone…your choice.
Where?  Home, office, on vacation …your choice.
When?    Get in touch and we can schedule a mutually convenient appointment time.
Cost?      Less than an office visit … save time and money not having to travel.

Enhance your therapy experience.
Manage travel, scheduling and money challenges more easily.


       Engage anywhere, on any device, at a convenient time!



Offering video, email and phone appointments.


How you can benefit from using epsychotherapy.ca:

You are travelling  |  You are seeking clarification, understanding, greater self-awareness, grounding/stability, someone to listen  |  There is an image, emotion or situation coming up that you wish to discuss  |  You require flexibility in scheduling appointments |  You have difficulty leaving your home for physical reasons |  There is no local treatment available to you  |  You travel frequently and are often out of town  |  You wish to consult with a professional on matters for which you need only occasional advice  |  You would rather not ask your friends, family, colleagues or your GP for a referral  |  You work night shifts.


A simple, secure platform for better healthcare relationships.  

Safe video and file sharing.

I offer you secure, online appointments. I understand you have a busy schedule so you’re
able to book an appointment from the comfort of your own home or office without having
to travel to my office.

Contact me at  416.966.5100  /  gm(at)graigmoriarty(dot)com  to schedule your online
                                                       appointment! You will receive further tips and instructions at that time.

I take privacy seriously.                                                                                                       More on security standards >




Powerful encryption will keep your most personal conversations safe and confidential.

Be at ease knowing your personal information is private, secure and safe.
My email platform provides secure, confidential and encrypted webmail. 

You can choose from  single, individual, as needed  email exchange(s) 
work with me as your  ongoing  epsychotherapist. 

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We all need help sometimes.

At home, office or on-the-road, our phones can keep us connected to the support, insight and grounding we get from a familiar, non-judgmental voice that is able to listen.


phone: 416 966 5100

email: gm(at)graigmoriarty(dot)com